The Implant Recovery Process

Dental implants offered by your Kissimmee, FL, dentist, Dr. Vincent Grosso, provide a long-term way to replace missing teeth. Here's what you can expect after you receive implants.

What happens after a dental implant procedure?

During a minor oral surgical procedure, your dentist places titanium posts in your jawbone. The posts, known as implants, bond to your bone, and become the new roots for your teeth. You'll probably need a few stitches to close the gum tissue surrounding the implants after your surgery. The stitches will dissolve on their own in three to five days.

You may notice some pain or discomfort for a few days after the procedure. Over- the counter pain relievers are usually helpful in easing pain, although your dentist may prescribe prescription medication if needed.

Some bleeding or oozing is normal during the first two or three days after your procedure. It's important to continue to use the gauze pads provided by your dentist during this time. If bleeding doesn't slow or worsens, call the Kissimmee dental office.

Facial swelling and bruising may also occur during the third or fourth day after you received your implants. The swelling should subside in just a few days.

Your dentist may recommend rinsing your mouth with a saltwater rinse during the day. You should be able to resume brushing your teeth after 24 hours, although you'll need to avoid the surgical site until it heals.

The length of time you'll need to stick to a soft diet will depend on the extent of your surgery. You may be able to resume eating harder foods in a week or two or might need to adhere to the soft diet for five or six weeks.

Completing the restoration of your teeth

Crowns are added to the tops of dental implants to create new teeth. In some cases, you may receive crowns on the same day as your surgery. In others, crowns will be added after your implants fully bond to your jawbone, a process that may take three to six months.

After bonding occurs, your dentist will add abutments to the tops of your implants. These small connectors will securely attach your implants to your crowns. During this visit, your dentist will also make an impression of your mouth that will be used to create your crowns. Several weeks later, you'll return to the office for the placement of the crowns.

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