Consumer Beware

December 04, 2017
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When searching dentist Kissimmee, dentist Hunter’s Creek, or even dentist Orlando, it is quite possible that you may be directed to a dental office or clinic that does not follow Florida Law as to what duties a dental assistant or hygienist may perform. Many times high volume practices with multiple assistants are guilty of allowing dental assistants and hygienists to perform tasks that must be performed only by the dentist. The tasks that can be performed by the dental assistant and hygienists are called remediable tasks. In Florida Chapter 64B5-16, the remediable tasks delegable to dental hygienists and dental assistants are clearly listed. The law is written in a way that lists what tasks the assistant or hygienist can do, and does not state what they can’t do.

Under Florida Law, dental assistants are never allowed to use a high speed handpiece in the patient’s mouth. Although they may be allowed to fabricate temporary crowns or bridges, they are not allowed to adjust the bite or occlusion of that temporary device. Dental assistants and hygienists are not permitted to adjust partial dentures or full dentures. Final impressions to fabricate a crown, bridge, partial, or full denture must be done by the dentist. Recording of a patients bite to fabricate a denture, partial, bridge or crown must be done by the dentist. Scanning a tooth preparation and bite using CEREC technology are not remediable and delegable tasks allowed under Florida law. Dental assistants and hygienists may cement a temporary crown or bridge with temporary cement. They are never allowed to cement a permanent crown or bridge with any type of cement. The dental assistant or hygienist is not permitted to fit and adjust a permanent crown bridge or denture. Only the licensed dentist can do that. When it comes to implant dentistry, only the dentist can legally place and remove implant fixtures using wrenches and screwdrivers. The dental assistant or hygienist should not be using any type of implant tools in the patient’s mouth. Several years ago in Winter Park, Florida a dentist lost his license to practice because he allowed his dental assistant to place and remove implant fixtures in the patient’s mouth. If you have received dental treatment in the past, and noticed that the dental assistant or hygienist has performed any of the above described tasks, a red flag should go up, and you should question your dentist why he or she is allowing his employees to practice dentistry without a license.

At the office of Dr. Vincent Grosso you can be sure that the dentistry is being done only by the licensed dentist, and that his dental assistants and hygienists are only performing remediable tasks allowed by Florida law.