Signs You Need a Root Canal

How a root canal from your dentist in Kissimmee, Florida can save your smile

If you suffer from chronic tooth pain that never goes away, root canal treatment could be the answer to your problems. Available from Dr. Vincent A. Grosso II in Kissimmee, FL, read on to learn how root canal therapy can relieve your tooth pain and keep your smile intact.

More about Root Canal Treatment

So, how do you know if you need a root canal? Truthfully, only your dentist can tell for sure if this treatment is the best option for you. This is why it’s so important to visit your dentist at the first sign of dental pain. You may need a root canal if you are experiencing:

  • Tooth pain that continues even after dental treatment
  • Tooth pain increases when you consume foods and beverages that are hot, cold, or sugary
  • Sharp, stabbing pain when you bite down
  • Pain that radiates to other areas of your jaws, face, or head
  • A red or white bump appearing on your gums next to a tooth root
  • Blood or pus draining from the bump o your gums
  • A tooth becoming darker or grayer compared to the teeth next to it

If you are experiencing any of these signs or symptoms, you should seek out Dr. Grosso as soon as you can. During a consultation, he will take x-rays and perform an examination of the tooth to determine if a root canal is necessary.

If you do need a root canal, the treatment is simple. It begins with the administration of a local anesthetic to ensure a discomfort-free procedure. Next, Dr. Grosso removes the diseased tissue inside your tooth through a small opening at the top, before temporarily replacing it with a sedative material. This sedative material dries up the fluid inside your tooth, eliminating inflammation, pressure, and pain.

When your painful symptoms are gone, the sedative material is removed and replaced with an inert material, which is left inside your tooth. The opening is then sealed up with a permanent filling and your root canal is complete!

Concerned? Give Us a Call

If you have tooth pain, root canal therapy could be the answer to saving your smile. To learn more about the benefits of root canal therapy, call Dr. Vincent A. Grosso II in Kissimmee, FL, today by dialing (407) 350-5969.