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Restore Your Smile With Dental Implants

Looking into tooth replacement options? Well, consider these facts: conventional dentures and fixed bridgework require enamel reduction dental implantsof adjacent teeth. Plus, these traditional artificial teeth last only about a decade. These disadvantages and more make a great case for restoring your smile with dental implants from Kissimmee dentist, Dr. Vincent Grosso. He offers single-tooth implants and multiple implants to support bridges and dentures, and the results are amazing.

Just what is a dental implant?

Basically, it's an artificial tooth which includes a root and crown. In other words, it's a whole new tooth. Dr. Grosso places titanium implant posts directly into the jaw bone, allows them to heal, or osseointegrate, and then restores them with lifelike porcelain crowns.

The Institute for Dental Implant Awareness praises dental implants in Kissimmee for their stability and longevity.That impacts a patient's oral function, personal schedule, and wallet, too.

How is a dental implant placed?

If you have an existing smile gap or anticipate an extraction, contact Dr. Grosso for an implant consultation. He will visually inspect your teeth and gums and also take digital X-rays and other imaging to evaluate the size and density of your jaw bone. Jawbone strength is as critical to successful dental implant placement and retention as good overall health and diligent oral hygiene habits.

If he determines you are healthy enough to receive an implant, your dentist will numb the area and incise your gums. He will create a small hole in the jaw and carefully insert the titanium implant.

You'll return home to allow the site to heal. During these several weeks, the implant and your jaw bone will bond together through osseointegration. This natural process avoids the gum and bone deterioration that occurs after tooth loss. During a subsequent visit, Dr. Grosso will re-open the site, attach an extension post, and bond a porcelain crown in place.

That's it

With your new implant, expect natural-looking facial appearance, efficient biting and chewing and stability for the new tooth and surrounding natural teeth, too. You simply brush and floss as you usually do to keep ahead of harmful plaque and tartar, and continue to see your Kissimmee, FL dentist and serving Hunters Creek, FL for semi-annual examinations and hygienic cleanings.

For more information or to set-up an implant consultation with Vincent Grosso DMD, call his office at (407) 350-5969.