How Dental Crowns Protect Your Teeth

Whether you have a large chip, a decayed tooth or a painful abscess, a dental crown could protect your tooth from further damage and unwanted extraction. Crafted to resemble your natural tooth in color and shape, an all-porcelain crown from your dentist, Dr. Vincent Grosso II, in Kissimmee, FL, will fit right in with your smile. Dental crowns are a definite win-win.

When a filling won't help...

A crown is your best bet. To decide if this ceramic restoration would serve your oral health needs, Dr. Grosso will inspect your tooth, ask you about any symptoms you have and take digital X-rays. Some teeth require root canal therapy before crown placement because of extensive damage or abscess (infection) in the interior pulp chamber and slender channels in each root.

Other uses of crowns

Crowns support fixed bridgework to complete smiles missing one or more teeth. Also, crowns finish single dental implants, the most popular, efficient and lifelike tooth replacements available to teen and adult patients. Whatever your need, your dentist provides his Kissimmee, FL, patients comfortable treatments, high-quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship.

How crowns protect your teeth

Crowns fit right over the healthy portions of your tooth. Dr. Grosso gently removes any filling material and then shapes your tooth so it properly receives the porcelain restoration and bites perfectly with the opposing arch of teeth.

When cared for properly, a crown avoids additional decay on your tooth and makes imperfections--both large and small--literally disappear. Your crown will last many years with proper oral hygiene at home, check-ups and cleanings with Dr. Grosso and your gentle treatment. That means no nail-biting, teeth grinding, chewing ice cubes or opening beer bottles with your teeth. Those things would wear down, dislodge or crack your crown.

How the treatment goes

Just contact our Kissimmee, FL, office for a crown consultation with our dentist. After your qualifying exam, Dr. Grosso will take oral impressions to send to our trusted lab. A temporary cap will protect your tooth in the interim. During final placement, your dentist will remove the temporary and bond the new crown in its place. That's all there is to it.

Learn more

Popular, useful and long-lasting, a dental crown could create your best smile. To learn more, call Dr. Vincent Grosso II in Kissimmee, FL: (407) 350-5969.