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Give Your Tooth a Second Chance

How root canal treatment from your Kissimmee dentist can save your smileroot canal

If your tooth hurts, it may be tempting to just remove it, but if you do, you are faced with some difficult choices. You can just live without the tooth, having an incomplete smile, or you could choose tooth replacement options like bridges, partials or dental implants, but these can get expensive. You should think about the simple choice, keeping your tooth! You can eliminate dental pain and still keep your smile intact, thanks to root canal treatment.

Dr. Vincent Grosso in Kissimmee, FL wants to share his expertise about root canal therapy and how to give your tooth a second chance.

Dental pain can be caused by deep dental decay or infection which has reached the innermost tissues of your tooth, an area called the pulp chamber. Infection causes swelling and increased pressure inside your tooth, resulting in pain. Dental pain is only one symptom you may need a root canal. Other signs and symptoms you may need root canal therapy include:

  • Discomfort or pain when you consume hot or cold foods and drinks
  • Redness and swelling of your gums around the tooth
  • Drainage or a white bump in your gums near the tooth

During root canal therapy, Dr. Grosso will create a small opening on the top surface of your tooth, and draw out the infected tissue through the hole. He will place a sedative filling material inside your tooth which reduces pressure and pain.

Your tooth will gradually “calm down” which may take a week or two. Once your symptoms are gone, Dr. Grosso will fill the inside of your tooth with an inert material and protect the tooth with a dental crown.

Root canals are the state-of-the-art way to give your tooth a second chance. Don’t compromise your smile by having a tooth removed until you’ve checked out whether root canal therapy can help you. For more information about root canals and other restorative and cosmetic dental procedures call Dr. Grosso in Kissimmee, FL and serving Hunters Creek, FL today!